SeatroutGuide - Denmark

- Our guide promises you an epic journey in search of the danish seatrout throughout all of Denmark!

Unique fishing opportunities with the best seatroutguide in Denmark.

Rooms, huts and houses for up to 50 persons.

Food and drinks are included in the seatroutguide package

We offer the best seatrout-packages in Denmark. We only use the best seatroutguide, the best locations and are able to offer you rooms, huts and houses all over the country. Food and drinks are included in our packages.


Our guide helps anglers from all over the world, in the search for more and bigger seatrout. More than 200 anglers every year.

In he´s own time he catches around 1000 seatrout every year in Denmark alone.


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We always make shure to give you good service and exiting adventures, along the danish coastlines and in the wonderful and mysterious fjords.


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Seatrout adventures - package solutions for up to 50 persons