SeatroutGuide - Denmark

- Our guide promises you an epic journey in search of the danish seatrout throughout all of Denmark!

Rooms, huts and houses for up to 50 persons.

Unique fishing opportunities with the best seatroutguide in Denmark.


Choose from all the danish fjords, coastlines and bays


Your trip can arranged anywhere in Denmark. We will guide you to the seatrout anywhere in the country and set you up as close to the water as possible. If you want to try one of the beautiful danish fjords, the open coastlines, a remote bay or maybe one of our small atrractice islands, it is all possible!


Tell us what you and your family, company or friends want to try, and we will guide you in the best area, acoording to the seatrouts whereabouts, in winter, spring, summer or fall.


Book guided days for seatrout with food and accommodation all included, in Jylland (jutland) - Fyn - Sjælland (Zealand) or Bornholm



Food and drinks are included in the seatroutguide package