SeatroutGuide - Denmark

- Our guide promises you an epic journey in search of the danish seatrout throughout all of Denmark!

Unique fishing opportunities with the best seatroutguide in Denmark.

Rooms, huts and houses for up to 50 persons.

Food and drinks are included in the seatroutguide package


Seatrout from all over Denmark - caught by the best seatroutguide in the country


Jari (Our guide) fishes more than 300 days every year, all over Denmark. He has been fishing for 34 years and is the owner of the largest danish Camping and fishing-magazine online ( In the country. He also works as a consultant for a variety of fishing-venues, angling-shops, public and private tourist-agencies amongst others.


He still finds time to guide more than 200 hopefull anglers every year, usually as a seatroutguide, but also when it comes to dansh carp, pike, perch, salmon, sturgeonfishing and more...


Hes motto is: "Share the hobby, the lifestyle, the passion for spending time in nature and share your knowledge, so that everyone can catch fish. In that way we can ensure, that the fish themselves, gives people a purpose in life, a purpose that also ensures the existence of fish in the future."